Prince William


William is the eldest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and is married to Kate Middleton. The couple have two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, further pushing William’s brother Harry, further from the throne. This wide-eyed photo of William as a baby who was just at the crawling stage gives you no clue what he will end up looking like, because his legendary teeth aren’t even grown yet. What’s really strange is that William looks like a delicate little girl here. It’s true, isn’t it? If you had no idea this was a photo of the future crown prince of Great Britain, you would guess this was a baby pic of some cute little girl. It’s amazing how people change, morph and transform.

William has always been considered the ‘responsible’ older brother, which means he probably doesn’t have as much fun as his bad-boy brother, Harry, who can cavort naked in Vegas without directly harming the throne. However, that’s the price of being the heir to a crown that goes far back into history.