Prince Harry


Harry is the younger son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, and he’s beloved by the British for his boisterous personality, and for the fact that he seems less stiff and boring than most of the other royals, including his brother, William. This baby photo of him crawling at home does nothing to dispel the notion of Harry as a mischievous, action-loving scoundrel who is always looking to get into some trouble. He looks confident, capable and willing to try anything new and exciting. Although his signature red hair hadn’t come in fully yet, you can still see where it’s headed.

In 2012, Harry was literally caught with his pants down during an infamous Las Vegas hotel suite party, in which he partook of a game of strip billiards. This being the digital age, the photos soon went viral, and Harry had to issue a public apology for embarrassing himself and the Royal Family. It just goes to show that having royal blood, doesn’t mean that blood doesn’t get hot when it comes to attractive women. For everyone other than the Royal Family, Harry’s escapade just proved he is the coolest member of the British monarchy.