Queen Elizabeth II


The Queen has a well-earned reputation as a woman who rarely smiles and always maintains that upper-crust demeanor. So, it’s a bit startling to see her as a wee tot who seems content and happy to be alive. Her gap-toothed smile and chubby cheeks makes her look like any baby who has a bright future, and in her case, she probably should be wearing shades, because her future is dazzling as the future Queen of England. However, seriously, people, check out those fat cheeks and stubby fingers. Hard to believe that this is the same woman who seems to disapprove of just about everything in the modern world.

In the movie “The Queen,” Elizabeth II finally comes off as an empathetic human being that people can relate to, instead of a distant, emotionless woman who never seems to feel anything. The film detailed how the Queen handled her family when Princess Diana was killed in a 1997 accident. Viewers were able to see how deeply the Queen felt the death of her grandchildren’s mother, and it changed the way many people around the world felt about her and the Royal Family.