Princess Anne


Anne is the eldest daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, and she is quite the pistol when it comes to her behaviour. Here, she’s smiling on the occasion of her first birthday, which she celebrated with her older brother, Charles, and her mother the Queen. Anne seems like a very happy child, one who is always in on the joke. She and Charles don’t look much alike, although now that they’re grown, there is more of a family resemblance. One thing that’s interesting is that Anne could easily pass for a pretty boy, because her hair is so short and thin,.

Anne is definitely less reserved than her brother, Prince Charles, having been pulled over for speeding, for which she received a stiff fine, and then later being cited for not controlling a dangerous breed dog that bit two children. She was also the subject of an attempted kidnapping, during which she refused to leave her limo when an armed man ordered her out of the vehicle.