The British Royal family gets a lot of publicity for their wealth, pageantry and lavish weddings. As fancy as they seem now, it’s kind of interesting when you see what they looked like before they blossomed into the heirs to a throne that stretches back into antiquity. Some adults are spitting images of their baby pictures, and others have no resemblance to the toddlers they once were, which may be a blessing. Here are some Royal Family baby pics for your enjoyment.


Prince Charles


Prince Charles is probably the second most recognizable member of the Royal Family, after his mother, Queen Elizabeth. Although Charles took a beating in the press after his philandering ways were discovered during his divorce with Princess Diana, he’s kept a stiff upper lip and come through the fire back to respectability. In this baby picture, Charles sits for a portrait with his younger sister, Anne, who seems much more fun and spontaneous than the oh-so-very-serious prince. It’s difficult to tell that this young, mop-topped toddler will grow up to be a famous royal, but the stately bearing is evident even at this young age.

If you told people that this was a photo of two normal children, they wouldn’t call you a liar because there is nothing royal or proper about the way these children look, other than the fact that Charles is wearing a buttoned up shirt and isn’t smiling, which makes him very much his mother’s son.