Millennials are the dumbest generation because the regular use and reliance on technology has dumbed them down. This generation does not have to remember anything because it is available to them at the tap of a screen. Older generations had to remember phone numbers in order to be able to dial them, or they had an address book that they carried in their pockets. Either way it stretched the mind because they had to remember or write down the actual numbers. Now everything is easy and automatic. They can save a number without giving it more than a cursory glance. If the phone is dead, their lifeline to the outside is gone. They have no way to retrieve the information because they never captured it and placed it in their memories.

Snail Mail No More


Instead of writing thank you notes or letters to friends and family, the millennial generation sends a ‘ty’ through text messaging or via social media; if they acknowledge the other person at all. Most millennials are self-absorbed and do not understand the concept of writing and receiving paper letters in the regular mail.

More than 660 million pieces of mail are delivered yearly. It is a shame that the millennials are unable to read and appreciate the letters that are being mailed. Their reading skills are not honed in the short bursts of abbreviated text that they read. They tend to skim information retrieved online.


Atrocious Spelling Errors


The instant messaging short hand codes have eliminated the need for spelling. Millennials do not worry about spelling errors because autocorrect does the work for them. When they write a paper, they tend to slip and add all those abbreviations that they are used to using in text messaging and instant messaging and on social media. Those abbreviations are not acceptable forms of communication in the business world. This contributes to the generation being the dumbest. They have no idea how to communicate properly.

This group has more members enrolled in remedial reading and writing than any generation that has come before it. They are failing to learn the basics in high school and are enrolling in college expecting to succeed. They have had helicopter parents helping them succeed in school. Once they hit college, there is no hiding the fact that they are not capable of standing on their own two feet and being successful.