Too Tame


Hipsters are into wild parties and sex. They are into swapping partners and never settling down. The game of baseball was just too lame and tame for the hipsters in the millennial generation. You will not find hipsters hanging out at the ball park waiting to catch a fly ball. Instead, they will be listening to music and drinking until they are high and flying themselves. After they come down, they will find themselves outside mainstream America where they want to belong by not belonging.

Hipsters do not take time for regular partying or enjoying sports and tailgating. If it is a mainstream activity that their parents or grandparents would have enjoyed, it is a definite dud, and they have no tolerance for that. They are not having anything to do with mainstream society. They are the elite and expected to be treated as such. If you are not one of them, they have no use for you. And, unfortunately for baseball, they have no need for it, and they have effectively killed the game.