Low Culture

Young Hipsters eat street food during SXSW 2013SOURCE

Baseball is the game that every man, woman, or child can play. You do not have to be particularly fast if you can swing a bat accurately. Body size and body type really do not matter for the pick-up game in the park. Even in the major leagues, some of the guys appeared to be a little on the hefty side, but they can still, run, bat, and catch when the ball bounced their way. Unfortunately, the hipsters see this as a low cultural problem, and they don’t have time for that. If it is not a highfalutin outing at the coffee shop or the museum, it just is not worthy of the hipster’s time. The people will have to find a different place to go spend their afternoons because the hipster millennials have kicked them out of the ballparks.

If you are not gifted with fantastic hand-eye coordination, baseball is a difficult game. There is no doubt that hipsters are too hyped up on caffeine to have a steady hand. It is no wonder that they refuse to watch a game that they would fail miserably at playing in real life. Technological games puts everyone on the same playing field all over the world, and there are no real losers, except those who enjoyed a day out at the ball park.