No Time for Leisure


The hipster cool kids of the Millennial generation didn’t grow up playing T-Ball and spending their spring at the batting cages perfecting their swings. Instead, they were playing with a Wii or the video game Grand Theft Auto. They have no clue that there is life outside the technological world they are wrapped up in. The millennials who are not thugs and gangsters are busy being upwardly mobile. They are busy climbing the corporate ladder to pay for the massive student debt that they have accumulated. They will be working until they die to pay back their loans, and they have no time for a leisure day at the ball park.

Even musicians have no heart for the ball park where the song “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” originated and resonated with fans for generations. The Millennial generation is just too plugged in to social media to enjoy life’s simple pleasures of sitting in the cheap seats and watching for foul balls. Sneaking out of the office to go to the baseball game is dead because hipsters saw no need to leave the office for their entertainment. It is always right in the palm of their hands.