Sandler Will Never Grow Up


Sandler’s movies all have similar storylines. It is glaringly obvious by now, and anyone who has been riding on this rock called Earth for a while and has watched at least one of the movies that Adam Sandler has starred in understands that Adam Sandler will never really grow up. He has proven it time and again in the movies.

Even with the all-star stellar funnyman cast surrounding him, there was just no point in releasing a sequel to the Grown Ups movie, but there was one released! We realize that these guys get paid lots of money to act goofy, and we pay money so that we can laugh at their antics. However, it is time for Adam Sandler to work a real job for a change. Maybe then, he will really grow up.

Sandler gets directorial credit in some of the films. Unfortunately, he hasn’t watched the final cuts before they are released. There are numerous continuity errors throughout the film. Sunglasses are on and off and on again, and then, they are back in the chair where the character originally tossed them. The boom mic can be seen over Adam’s head in one scene. Towels change colors, and in the same vein as the sunglasses, a character’s shoe is on and off and on again. These errors may not have been Adam Sandler’s fault, but with his name on the finished product, the shoddy work is evidence that he really does need a break from the moviemaking business.