Adam Sandler’s comedic movies have taken their toll on America. It’s time for Adam to take a turn working at Starbucks. After more than two dozen films, it is time for Adam Sandler to take a break. The break is not for him; it is to give American moviegoers some time to recover from the lackluster performances that Sandler has been churning out. These movies are groan worthy because the works have become clichés, and there is only so much trouble grown men should get into as grown-ups.

Sandler seemed to be funny in the beginning, but he is like mold growing on bread. As long it is on the corner, and there is just a little bit of it, you can overlook it; tear off the corner and continue on building a sandwich. Later on, after there is more of the mold spreading and taking over, well, it is time to toss out the whole loaf. Sadly, Adam Sandler has gone from funny man in the corner of the spotlight to hogging it all, and turning out quantity rather than quality for the film industry.

Adam Sandler as Himself



If he is one of your favorites, you could still go visit him at his day job. There’s no doubt that Sandler could glad hand and sign autographs while he’s serving the faithful their morning latte at Starbucks. Maybe after he was gone for a while, we might begin to miss him, but that’s a great big maybe because who really misses the mold on the bread?

Sandler really overdid it when he starred in Jack and Jill as both title characters. I mean really, top billing once wasn’t good enough for the guy, so he found a way to act in the parts of two characters. That is just tacky, so send him packing off to Starbucks already!.


Playing Two Roles


Let’s face it in Jack and Jill, Adam Sandler’s comedic muscles were stretched just a little too far. He is plausible playing a male character, but portraying a female character was over the top. We do not think that he thought that through before dressing up in female clothing. Funny man Robin Williams set the standard for this type thing, but Adam Sandler is definitely not cut from the same cloth. His comedic skills are best in slapstick. And, he’d be better off slapping a sticker on a Starbucks order than playing a girl. Let’s face facts, he was an ugly girl!

The movie Jack and Jill was released to the public in theaters in 2011. The film also starred Katie Holmes and Al Pacino. This movie was not one of Sandler’s better efforts. Dialogue between the two characters put Sandler on the screen twice, and trust us on this one: one Adam Sandler character on screen at a time is more than enough!.