Become president of the Internationally Unfamous Toronto reggae artist Snow´s fan club


This job is a loser’s dream. Since no one remembers who Snow was, or how annoying his song “Informer” was, you would have not have to do anything as president of his fan club.

This Toronto, Canada based reggae artist was one of the worst things to happen in the 90’s.He was responsible for being the single worst things to happen to music, not just reggae music. He had a hit song called “Informer” that was a hit until the video came out and we realized that he was a pasty white and didn’t even have the decency to grow some dread locks. For those of you that can’t remember this fraud he was the Vanilla Ice of reggae music. That had never been to Jamaica and was born and raised in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada. Since the world would like to forget about this period in history becoming president of his fan club will give you a job but won’t make you any money. If you’re loyal and lucky enough you can even be in charge of his come back tour.