Become a Time Square superhero


Since you’re already obsessed with all things Marvel and DC comics, you can spend your time acting out your fantasy of being Spiderman or Batman. LOSER!

You’ve always fantasized about what it would be like to have super powers. You know everything about comic books. You know what super hero did what and when and exactly what page in exactly what issue to find it in. You are the ultimate comic book connoisseur. But alas life isn’t fair because you will never be bitten by a radioactive spider and become Spider Man. But that shouldn’t prevent you from dressing up like Spiderman and acting out your web slinging fantasies in Times Square in New York City. You can charge tourist for taking pictures with you and possibly make enough money to support your comic book addiction. That way you don’t have to “borrow” money from your mom’s purse while she’s not looking. We think that this is a real opportunity for someone like you with no marketable skill set. You should really look into this.