Volunteer to have Police dogs attacking you


We’ve all seen the guy dressed in the headgear and protective suit that the police K-9 unit use as a human chew toy during training exercises. With a minimal amount of training you too can become a human chew toy.

Have you ever wanted to be in law enforcement but did not have the guts or the intelligence? Well here’s your chance. You can sign up to have the K-9 unit’s German Sheppards jump on you and try and tear you limb from limb. But the jokes on those stupid dogs because you’ll have on protection. We can’t guarantee that you’ll become rich by doing this but you won’t have to get a real job. You can even get a second job at the local Dojo that teaches women self defense classes and let the women kick you in the nuts. Why not?, you already have the suit and all the protective gear. Listen, we can’t do all the thinking for you but we can guarantee that if you get the suit, doors will definitely open up for you.