Blood donor


You don’t need all that blood in your body anyway. Most of it is just excess the rest of it should be sold for a profit.

Your body is like a walking gas station. You can sell blood like BP sells gas. We all know how profitable oil companies are. The only difference between you and them is that you don’t have spent billions of dollars on drilling and refining the product. Your body does that for free. As long as you keep living you can wholesale gallons of blood to the highest bidder. Especially if you have a rear blood type. You should really look into this line of work. It requires no thinking, no high school diploma, GED or any college degrees. All you need is a working vain and you can’t be scared of needles and you’ll be in business in no time. Why go to charity blood drives and give all that money away when you can sell your blood on the black market or to hospitals that charge inflated prices for their services? I think you would be perfect for this job because like I said it requires no thinking.