Sperm donor

semen testiSTOCK

This is the perfect way for losers to turn their favorite past time into a lucrative career opportunity.

Listen losers we know all know what you do in your mom’s basement all day. Why do you think why we never shake your hand when we see you? What you need to do is turn your bad habit into profits. We know that 90% of people do it the other 10% lie about it. But you have turned it into some kind of sick and twisted art form. We believe that you are truly sick and need some help. so here’s how we’re going to help you. Go down to your local sperm bank and tell them that you have a doctorate in shucking the corn. You are an expert. Let’s just hope that the poor woman that receives your deposit has some kind of drive and ambition because the last thing the world needs is more people like yourself. We don not need your underachieving offspring getting drunk all day and perving out to every picture he sees.