9. Taylor Swift

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Ever wondered why Taylor Swift can’t seem to keep a boyfriend? The reason is simple, Taylor’s into girls, but if the truth about her sexual orientation ever came out it would destroy her wholesome all American image.

The 25 year old Wyomissing, Pennsylvania native moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2003. It wouldn’t take long before she became everyone’s favorite country music singer turned international pop star. She’s gorgeous, talented, smart and super rich, so why can’t she keep a boyfriend? While most people believe the reason she can’t keep a boyfriend is because her unusual love of cats, her obsession with antiquing and pre- Prohibition era bathing suits, the truth is because the “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space” singer is really into girls. Celebrity gossip site TMZ recently caught Taylor locking lips with her bestie, model Karly Kloss. An allegation which Taylor’s camp vehemently denies. Like we didn’t all see the pics. Taylor’s goody two shoes wholesome persona has so many people fooled that Taylor being gay or bi-sexual may seem hard to believe even with proof. As Ms. Swift’s camp continues to strategically place Hollywood’s and Pop culture’s hottest men in Taylor’s life, we know that’s only smoke and mirrors in an attempt to fool us.