Beauty pageants have been denounced by some feminists as exploitative and demeaning to women, but the truth is no one watches because they want to see female empowerment, they watch to see beautiful examples of the female form grace the screen, and an occasional scandal or two or three. There’s no way you can get that many women together and not have something go awry, so let’s take a look at some of the juiciest scandals in Miss Universe history.

2015 Selfie Scandal

Senfie ScandalSOURCE

The 2015 Miss Universe contest erupted in controversy when Miss Israel uploaded a selfie of her and Miss Lebanon having a laugh during downtime at the pageant. Lebanese citizens were outraged that one of their own would dare to take a selfie with an Israeli, since the countries have been at war for decades. Instead of taking on the scandal head on, Miss Lebanon accused Miss Israel of ambushing her and taking the photo without her permission.