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I’m a simple man that desires consistency when it comes to branding. Do not deviate from what you do best. Whatever brand that you’re pushing please remain consistant. For example; I like my strippers to be strippers, not philosophers. I don’t care why you strip nor do I want to hear your life story. I like my porn stars to be just that; porn stars. The moment you digress you lose me.

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I’m speaking to the Amber Roses, Erica Menas and Black Chinas of the world. True they were intelligent enough to separate a fool from his money by marrying, dating or having a baby by said fool. I applaud all of you, your hard work should be commend. But the problem lies in you trying to re-brand yourself as good girls, victims, public speakers on the issues plaguing strippers trying to change their lives or my personal favorite serious business women. I don’t care to hear about your opinions on anything. You are not qualified to speak on behalf of women. Please stick to what you do best, less talking more twerking.