2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Who does Kanye West think he is? When it comes to pompous, petulant delusional “artists,” he he not only takes the cake, he chews it and spits it out at our feet. Does this guy not realize that he’s a rapper with an auto-tune box? Notorious for stage-crashing Taylor Swift when she won a Grammy because he believed Beyonce to be more deserving that particular year, he struck again this year.


kanye beck grammy beyonce

This year, Beck (who can, you know, play an instrument), was deemed unworthy by his holiness to win Album of the Year over Beyonce. Beck is a well respected musician who has been putting out records since before Kanye was rapping along to “Gangsta’s Paradise” in his Superman pajamas. Let’s go ahead examine the many ways that Kanye West is a delusional douchebag.