Diversification of Investments


Google has diversified its investments to make an impact on the global economy and the health of the world’s population. Google is involved in medical chemistry with its investment in CALICO. They are also invested in Magic Leap, SpaceX, and Titan Aerospace. Each of these latter investments will help further Google’s goals of expanding the internet. CALICO’s goal of extending the life span of the human population makes the future brighter for those who are facing medical aging issues.

Magic Leap


Magic Leap is a reality technology that is involved in an idea that brings a hint of cinema to everyday life. Adding an element of whimsy and fun to lives will enhance the quality of life that people enjoy every day. The virtual reality aspect will bring Google’s technology into the world outside and away from traditional computer components, but will retain an aspect of the virtually simulated world that gamers are familiar with and enjoy during their recreational time.

Investing In SpaceX


Google is a ground floor investor in SpaceX, a corporation founded by Elon Musk. Their immediate goal is to expand internet access around the world. This mission is a secondary task in SpaceX’s long range plan. They are expecting to design a spacecraft that can reach Mars and can be reused to transport personnel to space. A trip to Mars by private citizens could be a lure for some investors. It is unclear if this is Google’s intent in the future.

Skybox Imaging


Google has invested in Skybox Imaging. This investment also aims to expand the internet’s reach throughout the world. This acquisition is useful in updating Google Maps, an integral part of the Google empire. This investment will lead to better use of navigation apps and will help prevent people from getting lost and make them more willing to explore the world around them.

Titan Aerospace


Titan Aerospace has been purchased by Google. Titan Aerospace manufactures high altitude drones. The drones are useful to Google in expanding the internet and are a tool used to amass images for Google Earth and Google Maps.

Titan Aerospace can be a key player in the future of observing changes in the earth’s environment. Being able to travel to high in the atmosphere and to remote areas to capture images, there is no limit to the value of this resource in global scientific research. It is likely that this technology can extend the reach of scientists to areas battling deforestation, forest fires, and monitoring environmental accidents such as oil spills in remote areas. Sending the drone is much safer and quicker than sending personnel in aircrafts that must refuel, and it can be sent into inaccessible and isolated areas and provide data that could be obtained in no other manner.