Reason 4: Landline Works during a Power Outage

Isolated Black Business Telephone with Receiver off the HookSOURCE

If there is a lengthy power outage and your cell phone is not fully charged when the outage first occurs, chances are that your cell phone battery will not remain charged until the power is restored especially if you make any calls, send texts, or use data applications. Cell phones cannot be charged inside buildings during a power outage, but if you have a landline telephone, you can still have telephone access with a corded landline. The landline does not run on batteries and is essentially never out of service unless the telephone lines are broken on the ground. This almost indestructible quality makes the landline a mainstay for businesses and just in case of an emergency because cell towers and cell signals are fallible inside some buildings, in basements, and in rural areas. Landlines connect rural areas with the rest of the world, and during a power outage, even metropolitan areas are comparable to rural areas.