Celebrities sometimes come off as if all they care about is making money and looking good, but increasingly, younger celebs are embracing their responsibility to give back to those less fortunate, which is why this list of cool young celebs who give back is not just another story about famous people and their excesses.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift charity picSOURCE

Though Swift spends a majority of her time writing revenge songs and making zillions from album sales, she’s also widely known as someone who gives away her money. She donates to more than 20 different charitable organizations, including MusiCares, which provides food and shelter to musicians who have fallen on hard times.

Lady Gaga

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Despite her constant need for attention, Lady Gaga has an entirely different persona when it comes to worthy causes. She’s long crusaded for people to be more tolerant of those who are different, especially those in the transgender community. Her Born This Way Foundation provides education and support for those who feel isolated and bullied by society.

Paul Walker

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Although he recently died in a car accident, Paul Walker was known not just for his acting talent, but also for his Reach Out Worldwide organization that he founded to bring funds and supplies to areas devastated by natural disasters throughout the world.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick LamarSOURCE

Not only is Kendrick Lamar one of the most exciting and vital new rappers on the scene, he’s also donated his services to Red Cross Superstorm Sandy, which provided funds to those families impacted by Hurricane Sandy.